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Veterans: How to Make Money Online After You Separate or Retire From the Military!

After spending about 10 years in the military...  

I got out only to realize that it was pretty tough to transition to civilian life with military skills. At least when it involved making money.  Many of the skills were given during our service don't translate well to the "real world".

It took several years for me to figure out, but after being laid off from a job that didn't really pay enough in the first place, I was forced to come up with some solutions.

I separated in November of 2000, and for the last few years, I've been making a six figure income.  The best of it has come about since starting to take the online world of possibilities VERY serious.

Making money after the militaryHere are a few of my techniques:

1. I became a Food Writer...

No, I'm not a chef or food critic.  I have no training in the matter whatsoever. But I did see that the restaurant websites out there are full of reviews and I consider that their downfall to a certain extent.  You see, in the restaurant business you are going to have angry customers almost daily.  People are picky and guess who is most likely to write a review.  That angry customer.

So I decided to create a website which included a list of all the restaurants in my town, (not just the ones who paid) in order to help people find restaurant ideas in their part of the city.  Then it would also include some "Featured Restaurants".  Where the articles we would write only included positive information.  We didn't lie.  We chose to talk only about the good stuff.  That's where the money comes in. (for starters)

How did I do it?

• I came up with a unique name for my website, then bought a domain.  (cost: $10 per year)

• I added an easy template based website builder.  These are designed for a beginner to use them.  (cost: $13 per month)

• Gathered & entered the info... Building the website was easy, but filling it with correct information took some time.  (cost: my time)

• The first few "Featured Restaurants" I did for free.  My wife and I bought the food, took an inexpensive digital camera, tried some food and gave our opinion about what we tried.  Only focusing on the food we really liked best. (cost: dinner out at a few places)

• After writing a few "Restaurant Reports" not "reviews", we set out to talk with restaurants and started selling them. (cost: my time)

We started out charging only $295 per year.  But you could set the cost however you like to get things going.  Sell it low, build your website larger, watch your web traffic with Analytics and then raise the price once your website is even more valuable to the client.

Our traffic got large really fast for a few different reasons...  First, there were so many restaurant names on our site and people are constantly searching for them online.  Second, we were writing these nice reports and so the restaurants were linking to us on their own websites to show off our articles.  And last, since we were adding restaurants so regularly, our website was getting larger and larger.  All of these things help to boost your rankings on google.

Other money sources?

• We chose an easy to use graphic design program and learned how to use it, then we were able to sell banner advertising to ANY type of company who was interested in reaching our audience.  Those people pay us on average about $300 per MONTH!

• We also added google adsense blocks to the website.  So google was sending us monthly checks after the site started to grow.

The best part is...

After we got it running smoothly, we no longer bought the food.  We charged the restaurant and they provided us with several of their best dishes to try, take pictures and write about!  WE LOVE THAT PART!

This is a very low risk, high reward business endeavor.  I believe that your military training has already given you that inner drive necessary to get the job done without a boss to stand over you.

Want to give it a try?  Search for your domain now! 

Buy a domain name here»  Get our Easy Website Builder here»  

However, I would personally recommend using one of our Wordpress Blogs» for this type of website.  I started out with the Website Builder, but it made lots more work for me that the Wordpress website wouldn't have.

Buy from Veteran2. I became a small business web designer...

Restaurant owners and other businesses started asking me who built the website for me.  After letting them know that I did it, they wanted to pay me to do the same for them.  However, their sites were all much, much smaller and easier.  So I started out charging only a few hundred dollars which led to being hired to do this a lot.  I also basically got paid to learn more and more about building these sites.  I continued reading online constantly about Search Engine Optimization techniques and eventually started charging more and more.  These days I charge no less than $1900 to build one.  Pretty cool right?

3. I started selling the domains & web hosting...

Since I was constantly helping businesses buy domains and website builders or Wordpress websites, I decided that I should make some money on that end too.  It's very small, but every bit helps.  So I became a domain & web product reseller, charge less than the parent company and still make monthly commissions on my sales.  And here you are on my 3DogDomains website.

So there it is.  100% true story.  Lots of work, but when I started building that first website, I worked on it every evening while my wife and I were watching tv.  Now I am the boss.  I work more hours these days than I did in the military, but I am loving the freedom!

YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Start by searching for a domain name, once you find one you'll be prompted to purchase one of the other products needed to build your website.  There's no software to download, it's all done online.  You just need a computer and an internet connection.

Once you get it going, I would advise you to purchase our SEO Program which will automatically submit your site to hundreds of search engines and guide you through the necessary techniques to be successful in getting your website higher on google.

Good luck and thanks for your service!

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